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6 Universities x 6 Subjects Talk

Coventry University | MBA(s)

Coventry offers a wide range of MBA(s) other than the standard general MBA or Global MBA, Coventry MBA also cater for specific industries, they have MBA for financial services, sustainable tourism, cyber security and many other more.


BPP University | ACCA Accounting

BPP is a Platinum Approved Partner with ACCA. BPP deliver training to employees in 90% of FTSE100 companies and educate professionals in 9 of the top 10 professional services firms. 


De Montfort University | Visual Effects & Game Art

Visual Effects (VFX) caters for the movie and film industry. The movie and the game industries are both multi-billion industry. DMU offers industrial standard facilities, equipment, and specialist that enable the students to fit directly into the market. It's not just about the hardware and software, it's also about building the personal sense, profile and the network. 


Birmingham City University | Fashion: Branding & Management

Fashion courses is not just about design & textiles. BCU fashion design course are designed surrounding the eco-system of fashion industry. BCU offers fashion courses in business for fashion, fashion management, luxury brand management, promotion for fashion, communication for fashion and more. 


University of Portsmouth | Psychology

Portsmouth's psychology courses has a strong partnership with a local private university. They are well-known for their psychology courses. Portsmouth's psychology courses goes more in-depth, they cover psychology for early childhood, health, forensic, sociology, sports & exercise and many more. 


University of Essex | Law 

Many of Essex's academics are practitioners. Essex's lecturers work with the UN, the UK government, as well as EU and foreign governments. You can gain valuable work experience advising real clients through opportunities such as our Essex Law Clinic. Essex's Law is ranked 13th in UK and 51st (for Law) in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021.

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